Training Services

As an independent Microsoft's ASP.NET trainer, I offer customized training on topics about Web Development with Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Form, C#, and very soon ASP.NET Core. I conduct step-by-step and hands-on training to both professionals and students or to anybody who wants to learn how to develop a web site or a web application using Microsoft's ASP.NET technologies with little or totally zero background in web development.

Below are the suggested subjects and its topics that I offer. These training can be delivered at your company or school.


This subject covers essential things that you need to know to build ASP.NET MVC from scratch. We will apply the best practices method to develop high quality and solid codes in web application development the MVC way. We will take advantage of Entity Framework (EF), LINQ, and some commonly used Nuget packages and techniques.


  1. How ASP.NET Model-View-Controller (MVC) really works
  2. How to create database objects
  3. How to create a database context
  4. How to migrate database objects to the database
  5. How to create repository and service layer
  6. How to use Language Integrated Query (LINQ) to query the database
  7. How to use Inversion of Control (IoC) / Dependency Injection (DI)
  8. How to create a View Model of the database objects
  9. How to map the View Model to the database objects
  10. How to create a testable controller
  11. How to create authorization and validation for security
  12. How to deploy ASP.NET MVC application

ASP.NET Web Form

This subject covers the fundamentals of ASP.NET Web Form. We will develop a web application from scratch. We will cover everything from setting up a development environment through deploying to the web server. We will use Microsoft SQL database as a data storage.


  1. How Web Application works
  2. How ASP.NET really works
  3. How ASP.NET Page Life Cycle works
  4. How to create an ASP.NET web site
  5. How to add ASP.NET web forms
  6. How to add server controls to a page
  7. How to separate the HTML and the code
  8. How ASP.NET handles postback data
  9. Data Access
    • Creating a database
    • Creating tables and columns
    • Understanding primary key & foreign key
    • Creating table relationships
    • Testing SQL queries
    • Presenting a dataset in an ASP.NET page
  10. How to create a data entry form
  11. How to insert data with web form
  12. How to view, delete, and update data with web form
  13. How to customize forms with item editing template
  14. How to add validator controls and error message display
  15. How to create a user login form
  16. How to register a new user
  17. How to change and recover the forgotten password
  18. How to secure the ASP.NET web applications
  19. How to deploy the ASP.NET website to the IIS web server
  20. Best practices and practical advice from experienced .NET developer


Harold is a very reliable trainer. He can explain the topics in a very simple way for you to understand them right away. I'll definitely recommend Harold as a trainer for being optimistic, effective, and efficient in his field of expertise.
- Antonio Erro, school head of Dr. Filemon C. Aguilar Information Technology Training Institute

Sir Harold is a real deal. He began to learn web development and built his first website in 2004 while he was teaching at AMA. He's a quick learner and he could understand powerful tricks easily and make them even become better. He always stays on the cutting-edge of the latest technologies and he's very much interested in .Net technologies. I strongly recommend Sir Harold to everyone who wants to really learn ASP.NET and other .Net technologies. His expertise on the technology could really help you become excellent in this field.
- Mario Duguran, former education coordinator and IT administrator of AMA Computer

Sir Harold is a really good instructor. His patience as a trainer is very remarkable. I will recommend him to anybody who wants to learn ASP.NET.
- Michael Maglanque, network administrator and college faculty of Guagua National Colleges

No words can describe Mr. Harold Javier as a trainer or instructor. He is just one of the best instructor in the field of IT. Period. I highly recommend Mr. Javier as an IT instructor not only because of what he knows but because I can feel his concern and commitment to all of his students.
- Myrna Aqui, former college instructor of AMA Computer

He is an excellent trainer. He's truly dedicated and committed in his passion to teach and you can show it in every training session. His style of delivery is very impressive and clear. I strongly recommend Sir Harold to all the people not only because of his expertise but also because of his power to motivate people to become excellent as well.
- Danny Launio, information technology specialist of FIS Global Solutions Phil.